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Due to the fact that we hand pick the roses and carefully craft them into the boxes, all sales are final.


Shipping and Refund Policy

Company (LVSH) uses (but are not limited to) Canada Post, UPS and FedEx for national and international delivery. Our shipping partners that we choose to use will hold the responsibility and duty to handle shipping logistics. Company (LVSH) will not be held accountable for incorrect addresses, delayed/ lost packages, and broken packages once the package is given to our shipping partners.


Company (LVSH) will provide confirmation of shipping by receipt and/or tracking number as proof that Company (LVSH) has shipped out the product. Once Company (LVSH) has provided the product to the respective shipper, it will be the shipper’s responsibility to send out the package to buyer’s provided address.


International Orders may take longer shipping times due to unforeseen reasons. This can include customs or screenings. Please keep this in mind if ordering outside of Canada. Company (LVSH) will not be responsible for any customs or extra charges once we have dropped off the package with the chosen shipper. These charges will be billed to the receiver.


By purchasing our product, you accept and agree on these terms.


At LVSH, we pride ourselves on the quality of the products we provide.  We have invested a significant amount of time and money to track down the best rose suppliers in the world.  We sampled from farms globally, and negotiate with these suppliers so we can pass down the best value to our customers.  Regionally, we have discovered that Ecuador yields the highest quality of roses.  From there, we did extensive research on the different preservation processes available.  We have time tested these roses to see which of these processes hold up over the 1 year period. 

Our Ecuadorian roses have been proven to last up to a year in the right care, which is no direct sunlight, no water, and no harsh environment conditions (extreme heat/cold, dry area, etc). 

However, with the sample roses that were ordered through Asia, we saw smaller sizes, shrinkage, cracks and breakdowns within the first 2 weeks. These roses however will do ok in a boxed/covered container, limiting the exposure to outside air.

Our team sees a lot of new and available shops that carry these preserved roses, however, we recommend you always ask where their roses come from. Our team at LVSH can spot the difference between the quality of each store's roses, however we understand that those who are not in the business generally cannot. Major players in the preserved rose business will generally state and/or boast where they source their roses from. The best roses from our experience are from Ecuador and Colombia, if you are paying a premium for preserved roses, you should also be paying for the best quality.

Below is a sample of a rose that made the LVSH standard (top right) and one that did not (bottom left).  Can you spot the difference?

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