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Small, protected, minimalistic and effortlessy beautiful. Our signature long lasting rose encased in a crystal clear acrylic box.


Perfect for drier and dustier areas such as the office! The acrylic box holding the rose prevents dust from entering, while showcasing the entirety of the rose. Our acrylics maximize the lifespan of our roses!


Single Acrylic Box

  • Company (LVSH) uses (but are not limited to) Canada Post, UPS and FedEx for national and international delivery. Our shipping partners that we choose to use will hold the responsibility and duty to handle shipping logistics. Company (LVSH) will not be held accountable for incorrect addresses, delayed/ lost packages, and broken packages once the package is given to our shipping partners.


    Company (LVSH) will provide confirmation of shipping by receipt and/or tracking number as proof that Company (LVSH) has shipped out the product. Once Company (LVSH) has provided the product to the respective shipper, it will be the shipper’s responsibility to send out the package to buyer’s provided address.


    International Orders may take longer shipping times due to unforeseen reasons. This can include customs or screenings. Please keep this in mind if ordering outside of Canada.


    By purchasing our product, you accept and agree on these terms.

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